The three-year anniversary of the Cyrillic zone .RF

Three years have passed since the commissioning of the Cyrillic domain .RF. Registries root servers of the global domain addressing May 12, 2010-the year there was a record of the new domain .RF. Open registration of domain names in this area began six months later, namely on November 11th. This is stated in the press release of the Coordination Center for TLD.

According to statistics, today in the domain .RF were about eight hundred thousand domain names, of which more than six hundred are active. Of these, 166,000 domains lead to a working site, even 107,000 sites are being actively developed, about 85,000 are used in the network to forward (redirect) users to other Internet resources. The proportion of domain names registered on individuals, takes 78%. Legal entity owned only 22% of Cyrillic domains.

Domain names are “older” two years occupy 51%. In the same area of the national top-level, this figure is much lower. Here such domain names only 43.5% noted in KC.

You can also call the individual feature of registered domain .RF Internet resources of state organizations and senior officials of the Russian Federation, including the websites of the government and the head of Russia’s ministries and various departments.

In addition to Russia, their own national Cyrillic top-level domains have Serbia and Kazakhstan – respectively .srb and .kaz. Also International Corporation ICANN, manages network address space at the beginning of April this year approved the launch of two new domains: .moskva and .deti. A Vatican acquired the Cyrillic domain .katolik.

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