Domain names: Amazon against Amazon

Amazon – one of the largest internet-shops in the world. Its name matches the name of the longest river – the Amazon. Therefore, people who when faced with this store, there is an association with Amazon. Amazon has not missed the opportunity and decided to take advantage of this circumstance. Such geographical names knows all humanity. Therefore, these place names on a subconscious level of significance for all mankind, and therefore, are its domain. On this basis, in capitals such as Brazil (capital of South America) and Lima (capital of Peru), deny the fact that the company is entitled to Amazon .amazon domain. And all because the name belongs to the river.

The headquarters of the online store based in Seattle. Today, he owns the domain in the .com zone. Of course, his company wants to replace it with consonant top-level domain .amazon, but the Government of Peru and Brazil, through which flows the river Amazon, in every way prevents this. There is also a site called the Amazon River. It discusses the problem of environmental protection, the rights of indigenous peoples of the Amazon and other topics related to the Amazon. In this regard, the capital of Latin American countries, which are the opponents to give rights to the domain .amazon, believe that the appearance of this top-level domain can interfere with the normal existence of the above site.

Such disputes associated with domains that have place names are very common. For example, have already become history attempts to get domains with names and .patagonia .shangrila.

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) – international non-profit organization that deals with the registration of Internet addresses and domains. Amazon has already been addressed here many times with a request to register a domain such as .kindle, .song, .book, and many others. But .amazon was the most controversial.

Among the top-level domains or domain zones, and their number now exceeds two decades, there comes a revolution. The first thirty years of the web changes in them was not. Today ICANN receives a lot of applications for registration. Note that the domains that are consonant famous words have a special price. There are versions that the cost of such a domain will be around 200 thousand. Dollars.

Support the protest Brazil and Peru over the domain name registration .amazon the property of Amazon and some other South American countries such as Colombia, Guyana, Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Suriname. Note that the Amazon River and its tributaries flow through the listed countries. One can cite a few examples. For example, Argentina is opposed to the top-level domain registration .patagonia company Patagonia, the name of which corresponds to the region of South America. Shangrila hotel chain has expressed a desire to register a domain .shangrila. In this case, the enemy made China. But rights to this word in Beijing is very small. Region with the same name appeared only in 2001. And the hotel has acquired this name after the appearance of the book “Lost Horizon”, which was written by D. Hilton in 1933.

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